GV02 – Children’s Day 2013 Celebration

Subsequent to first visit to Nandiambakkam village on 29-Sep-2013 (GV01-Education Awareness), INSPIRE Team celebrated Childfren’s Day on 10-Nov-2013 at Nandiambakkam Primary School. INSPIRE conducted various competitions for the children and gave away prizes. The enthusiasm of students was seen throughout the programme and also during the competitions. More number of students and parents participated in the programme this time than during the first visit made to the village by INSPIRE.

INSPIRE also selected one student from each class with the assistance of the school headmistress for `Student Inspirer’ Award on basis of parameters like Punctuality, Attendance, Attitude, Participation, Neatness, etc. The parents of these students were awarded with a special prize to encourage and motivate other parents also to send their children to school regularly.

INSPIRE contributed Rs.13,000/- for this event to purchase gifts, lunch, snacks, sweets, prizes, and a ceiling fan to the school.

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